When I grow up…

When I was a little girl…

or perhaps a pre-teen, all the adults around me would often state, “You are most definitely going to be a lawyer” & “You are so argumentative” blah blah blah! What do they know? Obviously nothing!

Ironically enough, all my closest friends career of choice is LAW. Needless to say, I do not assume that is a coincidence.  Anyhow, enough about them and back to me.

I wish parents or relatives would not do this. Planting the seed in little ones creates this pressure at such a young age to  be “someone”. Daring your child to dream big, reach for the stars, be the best (insert profession here) you can be, is okay. Guidance is okay. I know I briefly discussed in my post on Small Talk, how our society defines us by what we “do” for a living. It’s the best opener for any conversation, but is it really??

The path to our defining career is usually one that has many obstacles, mistakes that set us back, involves years of education that cost but loads of money. For some it is easier because they are at the right place at the right time and cease an opportunity. For others, we have to make those opportunities ourselves. It is that much harder in today’s society where everyone is getting educated and the unemployment rate is high.

Well I’d like to say I did it right. At least I think I did. I did well in high school. I made sure to be involved in extra curricular activities to showcase my ability to handle academics, honor societies, and philanthropic activities. Went to college. Pledged a sorority where I would make lasting friendships and gain confidence and the strength necessary to lead this group of woman as their President. Worked for several years with children with autism and related disorders. Embarked on a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in South Africa for a few months. Went to graduate school where  I obtained my Master’s Degree and lifetime membership in a Psychology Honor Society. Now…

I often wonder how I am where I am… with a Master’s Degree and unemployed for over 6 months and student loans about to kick in. I mean, I baby-sit rich people’s kids for cash, thankfully, not the snobby kind. To be somewhere else other than here would mean that my path would have had to be different, and that is not what I want. I want what everyone wants, a career. Yes, I have been looking. Looking hard. Lately, to be frank, I’ve been on a hiatus. I needed a break from unsuccessful interviews and applications getting lost in cyberspace or in a stack of thousands of resumes. I’ll be back at it real soon.

Luckily, I have shelter and health and food and love. I remind myself that is all we really need in life after all.

Source: ThinkSeeDoDifferently.blogspot.com

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For now, I’ll be here, on the shelf.



8 thoughts on “When I grow up…

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  2. I believe we do our kids a disservice by making them believe success if guaranteed if they do the right stuff and work hard. Certainly it’s more likely, but there are NO guarantees. Too many other factors — like the economy and pure luck — are in play in this world. Nice post!

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  4. My family had been telling me I was meant to be a lawyer (or a judge!) since about the age of three, lol.

    Our parents grew up in a different time. The US was booming and if you worked hard and went to college, you got a job. My parents also had a more unique experience as immigrants coming to America– the “land of opportunity”– and finding everything so plentiful here. Like your post mentioned, now the majority work hard and go to college– it’s the norm. Everything is more fragmented, the education system is a mess, and our economy has been struggling for years now. This all stacks the odds against us recent grads…I wish there would have been at least one person telling me to think twice and consider other options before I started my graduate education. Everyone was on board and thought it’d be great for my future! Amazing for my career!

    I definitely feel your pain. It took 9 months, hundreds of hours of job searching and networking, 68 job applications, and about 6 interviews (I was the “runner up” in almost all of them) to land a job that I hate with a low salary! I feel like my career is just on hold right now. I applied for a Pay as you Earn repayment plan on student loans and my salary is so low while my loans are so high that I owe $0/month, LOL! Something to look into. I still pay as much as I can here and there but at least it’s not $900/month (standard repayment). I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll die with student debt haha :p

    Anyway, good time to mention that I just found out I’m moving back to Miami from July-December while Brian goes to training in North Carolina!!! I’ll be unemployed and broke all over again. I’ll just have to be patient and trust that with a combination of God’s timing and doing my part one day at a time, the right job will come 😉

    • Hey! thanks for commenting. Glad you are reading these even though you aren’t subscribed :). Despite all these obstacles, we are lucky to have the families and significant other we do. The support system really helps.

      I guess I’m having trouble accepting student debt for the rest of my life. Debt for something that hasn’t proven to be beneficial… yet.

      I feel so misguided in spite of having an education that I have recently began applying for Academic Counseling positions. I want to help someone that is in my shoes, minus three years, have a more realistic perspective about their future… etc.

      Miami awaits your arrival 🙂

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