Yesterday was my friend’s graduation party and she had this brilliant (but difficult) idea to make a Photo Booth area with a back drop and props, etc. The space she rented for the party did not allow any tape or nails or anything to be put on the walls. This was a challenge. I said, “fuck it, we will find a way to tape this thing”. I went to home depot and was browsing at all the different types of tape they sell.

A nice employee named Carlos asked me if I needed assistance. I told him the idea my friend had and told him this needed to be something quick and cheap because I have to go set up for the event in less than 2 hours. Carlos was very eager to fix my problem. Immediately, Carlos radioed two more Home Depot employees and next thing I know I have three gentlemen helping me brain storm. We then headed to the PVC pipes aisle and one of them measured different size pipes the other cut them and Carlos supervised and explained to me how this would work. This whole process took about 30 minutes. They even labeled each pipe, elbow, and T, so that I can easily assemble the stand. Customer Service is not extinct!


P.S. They explicitly asked me to post this on FB and Twitter and give them a shout out. I told them, “I have neither, but I do have a blog” lol


For now, I’ll be here, on the shelf.



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