Cuban problems

Proud to be Cuban-American! Proud to be of hispanic heritage and all…

But, please give me some VEGGIES!

Why don’t our parents and abuelos believe in vegetables? I tell abuela I want veggies and her response, “El sofrito tiene vegetales.” (“The seasoning base has vegetables.”) Since when has onions, peppers, and garlic satisfied a serving of vegetables?! Papas are also NOT vegetables. Every main dish is accompanied with a mountain of white rice, a plethora of black beans, and platanitos fritos or tostones. Don’t get me wrong, I know some of you are missing a meal of this description. But can we all agree that Cubans need to be introduced to a little thing called the food pyramid?


p.s. after writing a draft of this post, Pepe and I rushed to Sergio’s and consumed ↓

Masitas de puerco, arroz blanco, frijoes negros, tostones. Photo Credit: Jose F. Marina






For now, I’ll be here, on the shelf.



6 thoughts on “Cuban problems

  1. I have a feeling im really going to enjoy reading your blogs. This is awesome. Cuban problems!!!

  2. BAH I keep trying to comment and it doesn’t work, but I think I finally figured it out :p

    Growing up the only “vegetable” was aguacate con cebollas, aceite, y sal. The argument– “es verde!” Sometimes, if I was really lucky, I’d get some iceberg lettuce scraps and tomato slices, lol.

    I’ve been saying for years that my family has no idea that the vegetable food group exists! They put 2 carrots in a calderon of lentejas and call it a day, lol.

  3. Best post yet. So true! Where was my squash and my asparagus when I was 5? Hey, at least we have fruits: banana and fried banana.

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