I have a thought journal and today’s question is: If you could have a superpower just for today, what would it be? 

After giving this some thought, I’ve narrowed it down to three superpowers.

I usually attend the yoga weekday class (beginner class) but decided I wanted a challenge so I practiced this morning at 8:30 with the intermediate Yogis. I struggled. I did the whole “listen to your body” and “breathe into your muscle” but this teacher wanted me basically to defy gravity. Anyway, I suppose having the power of superior flexibility and mighty core strength would have been beneficial.

I know some of my friends miss the Miami hot and beachie weather. Not today! Its an overcast and hot and sticky… I could utilize the power of Mother Nature right about now and shine some sun down on South Florida.

Lastly, when I’m not running errands and Pep is at work, its just Rambo and I at the apartment. I swear, this pup must think I’m crazy. I talk to him like if he is a human. Usually, he gives me an intense look back or even gets excited when we engage in (one-way) conversation. Today, Rambo just wants to sleep ALL day. No fun for me. However, I wish I can give him the power of speech and grant him permission to talk to me (and only me). I will better understand his needs but mainly for entertainment purposes. LOL

Rambo when he is fun!

IMG_4680 IMG_5117IMG_5009


Rambo when he is NOT  fun.

IMG_4911 IMG_4965IMG_5096 IMG_5022



What superpower would you wish for? Why? …

For now, I’ll be here, on the shelf.




5 thoughts on “Superwoman

  1. Super powers… Well in reading this to Danny his answers are the ability to build a money tree or invisibility to rob a couple of banks lol

    Even though you are suppose to live in the moment I would enjoy the power of seeing the future. Not all the way till the end, but maybe a day ahead a week ahead so that I could see that things work out, come out good and I don’t need to stress so much.

    Lastly, the motherly instinct in me would love the power of healing. Nothing unrealistic like life threatening sicknesses but a cold, a cough and a tummy ache.

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