Croquetas are BOMB! But who has the best ones?

So Pepe and I LOVE croquetas! Honestly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. For me, its about the gooey inside with the crunchy outside. I like to eat them one at a time but I make sure to savor every bite. Pepe likes to make a little sandwich with the galleticas. Image

What is your favorite Miami croqueta spot? La Carreta? Sergio’s? Versailles? We want to host a Croqueta Crawl. I want you all there in spirit so please send me the places you want me to stop at. We will make sure to document each place and rate each croqueta.  The hunt for the best croqueta ever is ON!

For now, I’ll be here, on the shelf.



8 thoughts on “Croquetas are BOMB! But who has the best ones?

  1. So for the record you had me craving Croqueta’s!! I spent an hour searching where I could find them here in San Diego and found a place! Of course nothing like authentic Miami one’s but it fixed my craving! 😉

    Of and best Croqueta in Miami…La Ward Bakery in West Kendall (Miller Rd & 137th Ave)! The owner is the Granddaughter of the La Ward Bakery Family in Cuba! AMAZING!!!

    • Thanks to you too! Well Croqueta is spanish for croquette. A Cuban croqueta is made of either ham, chicken, or cod fish. Its consistency is more like a paste with different seasonings and made into a roll and then breaded and fried. It is usually served as an appetizer or as a side during breakfast. Each country fills it with different ingredients. I’ve had them in Belgium and France… there’s were filled with béchamel sauce. Delish!
      Check out this link to see the different types and from different countries:

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